Underbust corset belt with heavy-duty lacing

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Custom satin underbust corset for waist training with steel boned.

Steel boned corset is made for serious tight lacing, shaping, and waist-training.

16 supreme quality stainless steel bones are used to produce this corset. These bones are flexible to make your corset comfortable and not rigid.

The corset has 6-8 meter long strong lacing which is used to tighten the corset.

Сorset gives a 2-4" waist reduction, the degree of tightening can be adjusted with the lacing.

I use only high-quality German hardware: steel bones and eyelets that do not rust or deform over time. You can be sure that the corset will serve you for a long time if you take proper care of it.

The corset can be made according to your measurements.
Before you start making a corset, please fill out the size table, an example is in the last photo of each advertisement.

A corset is an intimate thing, a refund is not provided.


Made of thin-forming satin.
There are spiral and metal bones to achieve maximum tightening.
Perfectly maintains the form.
It tightens the waist by 10-12 cm and forms a gainly silhouette without any discomfort. It also helps to maintain a royal posture. You can tighten this corset up according to your needs as it is possible to regulate it.